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photo credit: Eric Vitale

Meet Owners,
Jeff & Patricia Novo

Meet Our Fearless Leader, The Winechick

Patricia Novo is the owner, along with her husband, Jeff. She is a Certified Specialist of Wine, a member of The Guild of Sommeliers, a Certified Culinarian and a Certified Oregon Wine Expert. She also holds numerous additional certifications in wine. When she is not working on the wine list and managing reservations, she also teaches Wines of the World and Dining Room Management at SUNY Schenectady, where she also serves as President of the Advisory Board for Hotel, Culinary Arts & Tourism. She also holds a Culinary degree from SUNY Schenectady. She is involved in numerous charitable endeavors and is committed to serving our community. Patricia has been featured in numerous articles pertaining to wine and to the restaurant industry and is a leader in the industry. 

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