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Philosophy and practices

Our philosophy is simple...​use the very highest quality ingredients available to us. 

Whenever possible, we will utilize the bounty that is available locally at our numerous local farms and farmer's markets.

We believe in incorporating ORGANIC and SUSTAINABLY produced ingredients, both in our food and in many of our wine selections. 

The tomatoes in our sauce are CERTIFIED D.O.P. San Marzano tomatoes. We will accept nothing less and neither should you.

Our gluten-free selections come from a dedicated gluten-free bakery, which ensures a superior gluten-free product...from their door to your plate. We cook our gluten-free pasta in a dedicated gluten-free only pasta pot...we use pizza peels and cutters that are clearly designated for gluten-free selections. 

Our custom built oven is a TRUE 100% WOOD-FIRED oven...not gas...not partial wood..100% wood, sourced from a local purveyor. Do not be tricked by marketing terminology...only 100% wood-fired food comes from our oven. Accept no substitutes or pretenders! 

Click the image below to learn more about the Le Panyol® DIFFERENCE...
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