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Dress Uniform

When I was a student at Albany Academy for Girls...way WAY back in the day...I was required to wear a uniform. We ALL were. Some of us pushed the envelope by attempting to personalize our uniforms a bit, but for the most part, we were identical. At the time, I recall resenting the inability to express my own particular sense of style. And, to this very day, I shudder at the prospect of having to don anything in "hunter green", as that was the particular shade of awful we were required to wear. I find it ironic that whenever I need to throw on something comfortable now...I turn to my Chef's coat, pants, and trusted Danskos®. Granted, my Chef's whites are anything BUT, and my Dansko ® obsession is second only to my love of Dr. Scholl' those who know me well can attest. My coats and clogs are a rainbow of, pink, denim, fuschia, lime, turquoise and yes...even basic black. Why do I now embrace the very thing I used to resent? Simple. I worked very hard to earn the right to wear my Chef's coat. I chopped, sautéed, expedited and cold-sided my way to earning it, and I wear it with purpose and pride. The fact that they come in PINK? Purely a coincidence. Ciao for now...I think Chefwear is having a sale...

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