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Trial By Wood Fire

2 weeks in the books. I would like to say a HUGE grazie to those who have subscribed to our GrazieGrams...those of you who have already visited us...those I look forward to serving soon. It occurred to me last night, during a packed house, how very grateful I am to all of you for the support and encouragement. Yes, a great 2 weeks..but NOT without its challenges. Although I have owned and operated several businesses throughout the years, this is my first restaurant operation. No more or less exhausting than retail, but with very different moving parts. Our Point of Sale system is fabulous, but not without its quirks to master. This was the first challenge during opening night. Many members of our staff have years of hospitality experience, but every system is different and the new system took just a little getting used to. We continue to tweak it, but, I am happy to report that the uphill climb has morphed into a plateau of sorts. POS now stands for Point of Sale, rather than another unfortunate phrase. (I jest.)

With all apologies to Anthony Bourdain, this "no reservations" thing is KILLING me. We do currently accept reservations for parties of 6 or larger, but our dining room is "cozy", to put it mildly...and I continue to struggle when a perfectly delightful party of 4 is turned away for lack of space. Many have simply grouped together to wag a lighthearted "take THAT!" finger at me. In fact, we have hosted numerous larger parties, and have several this evening as well. A learning curve for me, to be sure. As those of you who know me well can attest...the word "NO" does not reside politely in my lexicon. I want people to be happy and so, will press on and continue to evaluate reservation and waitlist application options. Some have been perfectly patient...some not. Such is life, I suppose. You have no idea how much I appreciate those who have waited for a table. And, for those who chose to visit another time? I get it! I do hope that you will return.

We are hoping to secure the proper permits and approvals to open an outdoor area, once Mother Nature gets back on her medication and we have at least 1 day that speaks of warmer climes and not the never ending winter that we have suffered this year. For now? I believe I spy a golden orb in the sky today...could it be? Yes, the sun! And...with that? I am off to Taverna Novo for the day and evening. A sold out dining room this evening, which is a good problem to have. We may be the current darlings, but I am well aware of the challenges and will continue to tweak and improve upon your experience. Laurels are, after all, for seasoning our beautiful cornish hens...not for resting upon. This, I promise you.

With love and libation...

Patti Novo, your ever grateful winechick

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