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Working The Whine List

Yep, it's all fun and games until it comes down to which bottles make my final cut. For those not in the industry, all that swirling, sipping and spitting sounds like fun. can be. However, when it's a regular part of your job...and success or failure will greatly depend upon your gets a whole lot more serious. On the plus side, I've tasted thousands of wines in my life. On the not so plus side, I've tasted thousands of wines in my life. I, like YOU, have personal favorites, as well as new and exciting wines I've discovered in the past few months. I love the unsung grapes, especially when we are speaking Italian...Falanghina....Cortese...Fiano...Greco...Nero d'Avola...Nerello Mascalese...Freisa. I've really never met an Italian varietal I didn't like. But, as a consumer, you may be a little more timid about trying a new grape, no matter how many times I wax effusive about it. The trick is to marry the wines that I know and love and want to introduce you to...with a few that some of you already know, making the choices on our list more familiar and less daunting. Of course, I will be here to assist in your selections, at least the majority of the time. And, our staff will be trained on every single bottle and glass that we offer. The grapes, the regions, the flavor profiles, the pairing suggestions, the whole nine hectares. choosing which child is your favorite...narrowing down my wine choices is proving a difficult task at best. Better get back TO it. Cheers.

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